Move over Olaplex.. L’Òreal Smart Bond is here.

Move over Olaplex.. L’Òreal Smart Bond is here.

Does your hair suffer from breakage and feel brittle after highlighting or balayage? (Other Plex) vs L’Oreal Smart Bond

Getting the right tone for your highlights can often result in unwanted breakage or a blonde that’s NQR. Along came Plex Treatments which allowed us to push the boundaries getting to that amazing balayage look. Though we had to up the peroxide levels and leave the lightener  in the hair longer to get the look and we certainly achieved just that. Now we have Smart Bond by L’Oreal Professional. Which means there is no need to change what we would normally do to get the look you want. The hair looks and feels better than it ever did before. Amazing.

Why do you need a hair re-bonder when lightening your hair?

Any time a lightening product is used in your hair it breaks down the hair bonds. By using a re-bonding system the hair bonds will be synthetically rebuilt as the hair is lightening. L’Oreal Professionel has developed a new re-bonding system, Smart Bond,  that not only rebuilds, rebonds and strengthens your hair, but does so without having to increase the level of peroxide used to activate the lightening product. It’s quicker and so much easier for the hairdresser and allows us to use the products as they were designed to be used.

For the client it means stronger hair preventing breakage creating healthier and shinier locks that bounce. We love this product and you will too.

What is Smart Bond and how does it work?

Put simply Smart Bond is an additive that is mixed into colour or lightener which protects hair from damage and strengthens the hair shaft whilst your colour is processing. It comes in three parts. Part 1 is added to the colour product. Part 2 is a treatment that is applied at the basin immediately after colour is rinsed and Part 3 is your take home treatment that is applied once a week to maintain the condition and health of your hair. It is made by L’Oreal Professionnel for L’Oreal Professionnel colours. Smart Bond can also be used as a stand alone treatment to repair hair that is already showing signs of breakage and weakening.

Available at Xiang Hair from 1st of October, just in time for summer. Now we can safely take you that one step lighter without compromising the condition of your hair.

Hair Contouring

Hair Contouring

Hair Contouring – tailored colour application to suit every individual.

Hair contouring is more of an individualised colour design for you than it is a technique. As colour experts we are taking the lead in tailoring colour tones around the face. This can create depth and highlight areas the same way as make up artists do to bring out your best features.

Xiang Hair in conjunction with L’Oreal Professionnel have been working hard developing Hair Contouring looks to make eyes, cheeks and jawlines POP.

Why do you need Hair Contouring when having your hair coloured?

According to beauty experts the ideal face shape is Oval. The job of a good stylist has always been to find the best suitable style to create the perfect oval shape illusion. For example those with a high fore head will always suit a full fringe. Those with a square face shape will suit soft forward moving hair that flows around the jaw. The idea is to soften the face and create the perfect oval shape. Now we are enhancing the perfect haircut with shades of colour to finish that perfect look.

For the client it means working with balayage, baby lights, lowlights and  hand painted shades individually placed to give you the perfect Contoured look

What should you ask for when booking your Hair Contouring appointment and how much will it cost?

Mentioning Hair Contouring when booking the appointment and  will ensure  enough time to tailor individual colours.  Book to see one of our highly talented team for a free consultation at any of our Xiang Hair Salons. We would be delighted to share our knowledge and advise you on a look thats suits you.

The cost will largely depend on the amount of highlighting that is required. Each recommendation will be followed up with and exact quote once the result is determined by both the client and the colourist.


Xiang Hair has been nominated 5 of the best Melbourne Salons for Hair Contouring in The Urban List

Melbourne CBD hair salon facelift

Melbourne CBD hair salon facelift

Melbourne CBD hair salon facelift

Established as one of Melbourne’s most renowned hair salons, our QV Melbourne CBD hair salon has just undergone a facelift. The fresh new look comes complete with amazingly comfortable hair wash basins, sleek new cutting chairs and new concept colour table – where you can spread yourself out with your laptop and enjoy working whilst your hair is being coloured.  It’s a refreshing way to have your hair coloured without having to look at your self in the mirror whilst you have foils and colour in your hair.

Melbourne CBD Hair Salon

Hair Wash Basins

Melbourne CBD Hair Salon

Colour Table

What does Xiang Hair offer?

The Melbourne CBD hair salon specialises in Hair Contouring and offers a range of hair treatments including the new Smart Bond hair rebounding treatment by L’Oreal.

Creative Director Jamie Furlan and Head Colourist Danielle Solier have earned the respect of the Australian Hairdressing industry.  Both have been finalists in the prestigious Australian Hair Fashion Awards in 2014, 2015 and 2016. As hairdressers, creatives and business owners Jamie and Danielle have devoted their lives to their craft.  Furthermore, their highly trained team are of the highest calibre of hairdressers.

Xiang Hair QV is at the forefront of Melbourne CBD hair salons, and is one of L’Oreal’s ambassador salons.  The team are constantly touring and presenting it’s unique techniques to hairdressers Australia wide.

The Melbourne CBD hair salon is one of four Xiang Hair salons across Melbourne.  Other salons located in Essendon, Collingwood and Greensborough complete the incredible talent grown by the same vigorous training program. All team members are encouraged to attend masterclasses designed by the Xiang Hair Creative team who travel internationally to draw inspiration from the worlds best.

To make an appointment at the QV Melbourne CBD hair salon call (03) 9663 2662 or book online here.

Dannii Minogue goes blonde! Thanks to the expertise of one of Melbourne’s best hairdressers, Danni Solier.

Dannii Minogue goes blonde! Thanks to the expertise of one of Melbourne’s best hairdressers, Danni Solier.

Dannii Minouge’s  new blonde colour was created by one of Melbourne’s best Hairdressers Danni Solier of Xiang Hair QV.


What an amazing transformation! Dannii Minogue, known for her brunette locks has taken the plunge and gone blonde. Our very own Danni Solier, Head Colourist at Xiang Hair QV salon in Melbourne CBD was responsible for creating Dannii’s new look; taking her from a medium brown to blonde with the help of new Smartbond by L’Oréal Professionnel.

Achieving the colour

Step 1; Smartbond Step 1 solution is added to the colour mixture. This helps to strengthen and protect the hair when processing.

Step 2:  After the colour has developed, the Smartbond Step 2 solution is then applied to the hair at the basin. This is to further strengthen the hair and leave it in beautiful condition.

Step 3: Smartbond Conditioner is ideal to keep your hair healthy at home. This is to reinforce the great work done in the salon.

The finished look is incredible! L’Oréal Professionnel Smartbond has enabled us to push boundaries in hair colour without comprising the health and integrity of the hair. As a result we can still maintain “shine, softness and most of all the condition” says Danni Solier.

As one of Melbourne’s leading hairdressing salon groups, we are totally on board with this product created by L’Oréal Professionnel. Danni Solier of Xiang Hair Melbourne has been using the product for several months and consequently she has become an expert in its use, allowing her to push the limits in her colour work.

L’Oréal Professionnel Smartbond is available at Xiang salons now. Book in to experience it today.


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Should you purchase hair products online?

Should you purchase hair products online?

Should I purchase my Hair Products online?

Often Hairdressers are asked the question why can’t I buy my hair products  online cheaper.

It is proven fact that there are many non genuine products on the internet for sale.

Some products are cheaper than a hair salon can purchase the products to sell in their own salon.

Product fraud is not new, in fact it has been going on for decades. Recently there have been a number of sites closed down for selling fake products to the unsuspecting consumer.

Though there are some tell tale signs that the product that has just arrived at your door step is not the real deal more often than not it’s too late not to mention too inconvenient to return.

How do I know if the product is not genuine?

productos kérastase online 3

Often it’s hard to tell by the packaging unless you have the genuine product to compare.

Most common flaws are that the writing on the packaging does not line up perfectly or there may be a slight spelling error. Often the packaging is of poor quality and the writing fades in the shower just like your spray tan.

More importantly so does that beautiful colour that your colourist put so much time to meticulously achieve.

Basic detergent with fragrance and dye additives that almost  fool the trained professional, but not quite.

Products that are likely to be non genuine or out of date

Shampoo, conditioner and styling products are not the only target of on line scammers. Recently I had a client ask me to look at her recently purchased Hair Straightener which carried a reputable brand name. Amazingly good copy, when I asked where she had bought the iron she confessed that she had gotten a great deal on line and saved $140..Although disappointed she wasn’t totally surprised when I told her she actually wasted the $150she actually paid. It only took one glance to see that the product did not carry the brands hologram and was therefore fake.imgres

Why should you purchase from the salon?

Your hairdresser knows your hair. They know the colour, the condition and the texture of your hair. They are also highly trained by the product company’s technicians and they can correctly subscribe the right product for you. Hair care at home is like an insurance policy on your hair. The right cleansing, conditioning and styling product will ensure that you are able to maintain the professional look you walked out of the salon with. Your hairdresser does not carry fake products and is always only carrying current stock.

Often genuine salon hair products on line are discontinued out of date products. Recently another customer told me of an out of date product she had purchased on line that had completely changed colour and had a funny smell not the usual smell she was accustomed to when she had bought the same product from our salon.

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