Should you purchase hair products online?

Should you purchase hair products online?

Should I purchase my Hair Products online?

Often Hairdressers are asked the question why can’t I buy my hair products  online cheaper.

It is proven fact that there are many non genuine products on the internet for sale.

Some products are cheaper than a hair salon can purchase the products to sell in their own salon.

Product fraud is not new, in fact it has been going on for decades. Recently there have been a number of sites closed down for selling fake products to the unsuspecting consumer.

Though there are some tell tale signs that the product that has just arrived at your door step is not the real deal more often than not it’s too late not to mention too inconvenient to return.

How do I know if the product is not genuine?

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Often it’s hard to tell by the packaging unless you have the genuine product to compare.

Most common flaws are that the writing on the packaging does not line up perfectly or there may be a slight spelling error. Often the packaging is of poor quality and the writing fades in the shower just like your spray tan.

More importantly so does that beautiful colour that your colourist put so much time to meticulously achieve.

Basic detergent with fragrance and dye additives that almost  fool the trained professional, but not quite.

Products that are likely to be non genuine or out of date

Shampoo, conditioner and styling products are not the only target of on line scammers. Recently I had a client ask me to look at her recently purchased Hair Straightener which carried a reputable brand name. Amazingly good copy, when I asked where she had bought the iron she confessed that she had gotten a great deal on line and saved $140..Although disappointed she wasn’t totally surprised when I told her she actually wasted the $150she actually paid. It only took one glance to see that the product did not carry the brands hologram and was therefore fake.imgres

Why should you purchase from the salon?

Your hairdresser knows your hair. They know the colour, the condition and the texture of your hair. They are also highly trained by the product company’s technicians and they can correctly subscribe the right product for you. Hair care at home is like an insurance policy on your hair. The right cleansing, conditioning and styling product will ensure that you are able to maintain the professional look you walked out of the salon with. Your hairdresser does not carry fake products and is always only carrying current stock.

Often genuine salon hair products on line are discontinued out of date products. Recently another customer told me of an out of date product she had purchased on line that had completely changed colour and had a funny smell not the usual smell she was accustomed to when she had bought the same product from our salon.

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