Move over Olaplex.. L’Òreal Smart Bond is here.

Move over Olaplex.. L’Òreal Smart Bond is here.

Does your hair suffer from breakage and feel brittle after highlighting or balayage? (Other Plex) vs L’Oreal Smart Bond

Getting the right tone for your highlights can often result in unwanted breakage or a blonde that’s NQR. Along came Plex Treatments which allowed us to push the boundaries getting to that amazing balayage look. Though we had to up the peroxide levels and leave the lightener  in the hair longer to get the look and we certainly achieved just that. Now we have Smart Bond by L’Oreal Professional. Which means there is no need to change what we would normally do to get the look you want. The hair looks and feels better than it ever did before. Amazing.

Why do you need a hair re-bonder when lightening your hair?

Any time a lightening product is used in your hair it breaks down the hair bonds. By using a re-bonding system the hair bonds will be synthetically rebuilt as the hair is lightening. L’Oreal Professionel has developed a new re-bonding system, Smart Bond,  that not only rebuilds, rebonds and strengthens your hair, but does so without having to increase the level of peroxide used to activate the lightening product. It’s quicker and so much easier for the hairdresser and allows us to use the products as they were designed to be used.

For the client it means stronger hair preventing breakage creating healthier and shinier locks that bounce. We love this product and you will too.

What is Smart Bond and how does it work?

Put simply Smart Bond is an additive that is mixed into colour or lightener which protects hair from damage and strengthens the hair shaft whilst your colour is processing. It comes in three parts. Part 1 is added to the colour product. Part 2 is a treatment that is applied at the basin immediately after colour is rinsed and Part 3 is your take home treatment that is applied once a week to maintain the condition and health of your hair. It is made by L’Oreal Professionnel for L’Oreal Professionnel colours. Smart Bond can also be used as a stand alone treatment to repair hair that is already showing signs of breakage and weakening.

Available at Xiang Hair from 1st of October, just in time for summer. Now we can safely take you that one step lighter without compromising the condition of your hair.

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