Hair Contouring

Hair Contouring

Hair Contouring – tailored colour application to suit every individual.

Hair contouring is more of an individualised colour design for you than it is a technique. As colour experts we are taking the lead in tailoring colour tones around the face. This can create depth and highlight areas the same way as make up artists do to bring out your best features.

Xiang Hair in conjunction with L’Oreal Professionnel have been working hard developing Hair Contouring looks to make eyes, cheeks and jawlines POP.

Why do you need Hair Contouring when having your hair coloured?

According to beauty experts the ideal face shape is Oval. The job of a good stylist has always been to find the best suitable style to create the perfect oval shape illusion. For example those with a high fore head will always suit a full fringe. Those with a square face shape will suit soft forward moving hair that flows around the jaw. The idea is to soften the face and create the perfect oval shape. Now we are enhancing the perfect haircut with shades of colour to finish that perfect look.

For the client it means working with balayage, baby lights, lowlights and  hand painted shades individually placed to give you the perfect Contoured look

What should you ask for when booking your Hair Contouring appointment and how much will it cost?

Mentioning Hair Contouring when booking the appointment and  will ensure  enough time to tailor individual colours.  Book to see one of our highly talented team for a free consultation at any of our Xiang Hair Salons. We would be delighted to share our knowledge and advise you on a look thats suits you.

The cost will largely depend on the amount of highlighting that is required. Each recommendation will be followed up with and exact quote once the result is determined by both the client and the colourist.


Xiang Hair has been nominated 5 of the best Melbourne Salons for Hair Contouring in The Urban List

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