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L’Oreal Professional Paris

L’Oreal Professional Paris has long been the gold standard in professional hair care products. One of the main reasons that it is regarded as an authority in salon products is that it is exclusively sold to true hair stylist professionals all around the world.

To experience the difference, this line of hair care products created for yourself is easier than ever. Xiang Hair has long been a proud user of L’Oreal Professional Paris products, and our clients agree with the results. If you are trying to look runway ready, then allow us to give you the best styling products around.

Hair Salon Products & Hair Services Melbourne

Kerastase Paris

With a multistep process that cleans, treats, and strengthens your hair, Kerastase Paris is the product that true professional hair stylists offer to take anyone’s hair to the next level. If you have tried everything else and are still falling short of where you would like to see your hair’s nutrition be, then we may be able to help.

Xiang Hair has long been a believer in Kerastase Paris products, and we are excited to introduce you to them. With better choices in hair nourishment, hair cleansing, and hair styling selections, we can help you find the look you want.

Hair Salon Products & Hair Services Melbourne

American Crew

It can be difficult to find a Melbourne hair salon that also caters to men’s hair care needs. But at Xiang Hair, we can assist you with better products and personalized service. American Crew has long been a leading brand in men’s hair care needs, with a full selection of grooming, nourishing, and styling products.

From keeping your hair moulded in place all day to simply helping it grow in fuller and healthier, we can assist any man in looking their best with a better selection of professional products. Our best men’s hair stylists will have you looking great today.

Hair Salon Products & Hair Services Melbourne

Kevin Murphy

Quality styling products start with being an authority in hair and skin styling. Kevin Murphy has long been a trusted name in fashion and has sought out only the best ingredients for his line of skin care and hair care products. By using suppliers who only use organic and responsible cultivation practices, Kevin Murphy has developed one of the best series of products in the world.

For the best in men’s and women’s styling products, Xiang Hair has a professional solution for you. Whatever type of look that you may be attempting to find, we can help you find it.

Hair Salon Products & Hair Services Melbourne

Brazilian Blowout

Brazilian Blowout has taken the world by storm with a powerful and effective way to leave your hair looking silky smooth. No matter what type of hair that you have, Brazilian Blowout can help you reduce your frizz and keeps your hair drying quicker for up to twelve weeks at a time.

When you choose Xiang Hair for your best application, you can enjoy the added convenience of being “walk-out ready”; unlike other treatment choices, you will be ready to get back to your busy life without worrying about undoing it. Wash it out or hit the town without fear!

Hair Salon Products & Hair Services Melbourne

Evy Professional

The reason that most fail at achieving the professional styling finish at home that they get at a professional hair stylist studio is more often than not due to inferior products. But Evy Professional is hair care products designed by stylists to look their best each and every day.

And when you come to Xiang Hair, you, too, can experience the difference of salon finished styles from the comfort of your own home. With top quality products that cleanse, sculpt, and strengthen hair, your styling needs are always in good hands when you choose the Evy Professional line of products.

Hair Salon Products & Hair Services Melbourne

Cloud Nine

Cloud Nine is an industry leader in hair styling tools and equipment. Boasting a less intense heating method that puts the emphasis back onto shaping and styling your hair, instead of merely burning it, you can have a better quality finish in straightening, curling, building volume, and more.

Xiang Hair uses Cloud Nine hair tools to give all of our customers the best styling service possible. When you need to look your best without damaging your hair, you need us to assist you. No matter how you want your hair to be styled, we use the best professional tools around.